Minor Requirements:

A body piercing technician shall not perform or offer to perform body piercing upon a person under eighteen (18) years of age, unless the body piercing is performed in the presence of, or as directed by a notarized statement by the minor’s responsible party, or if the client is emancipated in accordance with state law.

Acceptable identification and proof of age and relationship include the following:

  • Driver’s License, passport, state issued identification card, permit or military identification card
  • If the parent has a different last name and address than the minor then legal documentation (birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce papers, adoption papers, etc.) must be provided to verify the relationship
  • A school issued photo ID is acceptable identification for minors younger than driving age (Last Names Must Match or a birth certificate must be present along with the school issued Photo ID.)

The accepted notarized statement goes as follows ” I, (the name of the parent/guardian of the minor), give permission to (name of the signing adult) to bring my son/daughter, (name of minor), to get their (name of specific piercing) pierced at Elite Body Piercing. 

This statement must have a notary stamp at the bottom along with copies of photo identification of the parties involved.

No one under the age of 14 will be pierced. 

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