Most frequent questions and answers

Please see our Pricing page for our policy on piercing minors.

We take both walk-ins and appointments, but for your convenience, we suggest making an appointment.

Metal allergies are a result of heavy metals and nickel in the jewelry. All of our jewelry is medical implant-grade, meaning that it contains no heavy metals and will not expose your body to nickel.

The reusable piercing guns are not sterilized between clients. This will increase your exposure to germs (and therefore infection), but also to blood-borne pathogens such as hepatitis. Also, the jewelry used with the piercing guns usually contains heavy metals and nickel which may result in an allergic reaction.

We may, to a certain extent. The jewelry must meet the standards that we hold for all jewelry that we sell.

We suggest coming in for a consultation and check to make sure that you are built in a way that would allow for and promote healing of a specific piercing. If that specific piercing can not be done safely in a way that will facilitate healing, we can always suggest other options that would work for your body.