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Nipple piercings are pierced through or slightly behind the nipple and are popular for both men and women. Nipple piercings are done slightly differently for each gender. In women the piercing usually passes through the base of the nipple, while in men the piercing usually passes just under the base of the nipple. In both genders it is important not to pierce the fatty tissue behind the nipple as this can lead to mastitis. Nipple piercings can be placed at any angle although horizontal nipple piercings are most popular.

Nipple piercings can be pierced with straight barbells, ball closure rings or circular barbells. Some people find barbells more comfortable to wear under clothes. Initial healing of nipple piercings is usually quick but this piercing may take longer to heal fully. Care should be taken when dressing and it may be necessary to wear a breathable dressing in the first couple of days. Nipple piercings should be kept dry and allowed to ‘breathe’.

Nipple Piercing Healing Time: 6 to 16 weeks